I'm always inspired by the area and what it has to offer
Initial stage of the design process
It's helpful to analyse my client's routine to design a personalised space
I love Shoreditch's industrial roots, a plethora of raw and distressed textures!
I'm drawn to contrasting styles; industrial and natural, modern and vintage
The final concept!
Hand-drawn architectural plans of the apartment and ergonomic workings out
Bedroom mood board
Living room mood board
Section and Plan hand rendered drawing
An insight into the design process of the Google space divider
Researching suspended planters to use as the roof of the space divider
It's always helpful to use Sketch Up and AutoCAD to visualise the design
Design should ignite our senses!
Natural material is beautiful!
Teapigs 'Sip n Stay' Day Zone mood board
Experimenting with cave structures for the tea bar design
Teapigs 'Sip n Stay' Night Zone mood board
Presenting my final drawings and design folios

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